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False Flag Operations

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L Neil Smith

It's the left's fondest wet-dream, unfulfilled before now: a right-wing would-be domestic terrorist--a "white nationalist" and a Coast Guard lieutenant, to boot, if the lying mass media are to be believed--with a hit-list of protocommunist

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RonPaulLibertyReport Streamed live 22 hours ago The weekend stand-off between the US aid trucks on the Colombian side of the border and the Venezuelan government did not go quite as planned by the US. The aid did not get through, the military did n

Article Image, Dave Hodges

As a professor, I graded some very substandard midterm and final exams. As a former college basketball coach, I absolutely coached some horrific games. However, in all my years on the planet, I have never seen such an ill-contrived false flag event o

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By Paul Craig Roberts

Truth is under fierce attack. If you do not support your website, you will find yourself in total darkness. While driving yesterday, I turned on the car radio to see if the Russian/Syrian liberation of Idlib, Syria, from the Washington-supported t

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