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False Flag Operations

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Who benefits from the death of Russian politician Alexei Navalny? Could he have been "pushed" by western intelligence services? Also today: Stung by losses in Ukraine, the EU declares war on...the Houthis! Finally - Pelosi in a time warp.

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Zero Hedge

By 4pm New York time yesterday, 70% of bettors on the Manifold prediction market believed that to be the case. By 5am Wednesday, the percentage of bettors believing the IDF bombed the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza had dropped to just 7%.

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Daily News from the Art of Liberty Foundation

Jewish Pro-Life Foundation leader Cecily Routman claimed Netanyahu ordered the stand down to allow Hamas to launch its attack in order to justify Israeli retaliation against Gaza meant to ultimately

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via TheLastAmericanVagabond: Joining me today is James Corbett, here to discuss the ongoing siege on Occupied Palestine, the deadly attack by Hamas that preceded it, and the rapidly growing sentiment among Israeli citizens that this attack was either