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Education: Unschooling

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Teens for Trump - Maxim Smith

Tim Pool and Corey DeAngelis Are Right About Education, But This is What They Are Missing. Tim has had Corey on his show to talk about education and how it has been corrupted by certain ideologies, teachers unions, and the state. Tim has also talked

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FEE - Foundation for Economic Education

Deadline is April 15th. Scholarships available. Programing for Economics in the Real World includes team challenges, interactive discussions, films, games, and presentations from top professors (who are chock full of real-world advice for the pre-col

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Paul Rosenberg (Freeman's Perspective) on the re-naming of his subscriber-based newsletter to Parallel Society, providing a more outward focus and his hope for the future - Richard Grove (Tragedy and Hope) on the passing of John Taylor Gatto; Pirate