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Drudge GOP Debate Poll -- 50,000 votes

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The Reagan Derby
Well, with 47,617 individual Votes recorded as of 12:55AM EST on 5/4/07, The Drudge Report has provided perhaps the most sweeping and comprehensive initial survey of viewer reaction to the first GOP Primary Debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.
The Results thus far:
  • Mitt Romney -- 35%
  • Rudy Giuliani -- 21%
  • RON PAUL -- 16%
  • Tommy Thompson -- 7%
  • John McCain -- 6%
  • Tom Tancredo -- 5%
  • Mike Huckabee -- 4%
  • Duncan Hunter -- 3%
  • Sam Brownback -- 2%
  • Jim Gilmore -- 2%

With an optimistic, confident demeaner and a polished presentation, Mitt Romney decidedly overshadowed the erstwhile Front-Runner, Rudy Giuliani. Rudy's primary strength thus far has been his vast name recognition and the sheer momentum of his supposed "inevitability" -- and yet, in terms of viewer reaction, for him to be trailing (by double digits) a former Governor not widely known outside of Massachusetts until this election season demonstrates clear vulnerability on Giuliani's part.

However, the greatest source of comfort to Constitutionalist Conservatives has to be the tremendous upswell of support being registered by the former Leader of Ronald Reagan's Electoral Delegation from Texas, United States Congressman Ron Paul -- and that DESPITE receiving comparatively little "face time" from the debate organizers. With viewer reaction to the first GOP Primary Debate already placing Congressman Ron Paul solidly in third place, nine points ahead of his nearest rival and within five points of Giuliani himself, a tremendous opportunity exists for Ron Paul to establish widespread national Name Recognition and garner increasing support for his broadly-appreciated message of Individual Liberty and strictly-limited Government Power.

With the second GOP Primary Debate rapidly approaching, Conservatives can take heart in knowing that the Message of Reagan Republicanism still resonates when presented confidently and forthrightly --and that there's at least one GOP Candidate on the stage who has stood solidly for Reagan Republicanism for thirty years: RON PAUL.


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Comment by Jefferson Paine
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Aha! Another poll with Ron Paul in the lead:

Comment by Jefferson Paine
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The Ventura County Star had a poll, too, and Ron Paul had 48% to Romney's next best 26% when I checked just now:

Comment by Frosty Wooldridge
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Ron Paul creates a powerful choice for all Americans. I'd like to see him and Tom Tancredo run for Prez and VP to win back our country. Thanks for a great piece.
Frosty Wooldridge