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Special: FreedomsPhoenix interview with Sheriff Hartman

Written by Subject: Law Enforcers or Peace Officers
(Updated: Letter of instructions to the Sheriff from the Private Company transcribed from a mailed copy sent to us by the Sheriff, Bruce Hartman, due to the colored paper unable to be read from a faxed copy. Located at the end of this article)
I interviewed Gilpin County Sheriff in Colorado, Bruce Hartman, this afternoon and he has agreed to be a radio quest on The Charles Goyette Show KFNX 1100 at 6:36am Phoenix time Monday the 24th of September. I'll also be sure to post the audio of the show in MP3 here on FreedomsPhoenix. During my interview with Sheriff Hartman it was clear that he was doing everything he could to cooperate with any media to help them understand what happened and how he feels that he made a terrible mistake.
Declan McCullagh of POLITECH: Politics and Technology has even more background on the agencies involved with this story (very important information here)
FreedomsPhoenix Senior Editor, Powell Gammill, has a great editorial on this story HERE 
Sheriff Hartman faxed me 3 pages of material that include a half page of information in small print that was said to be supplied drivers at the roadblock or was the outline of what was told them. The print is small enough that I am certain many would have trouble reading it at night on the side of the road with flashing law enforcement lights near by. The second page was a short report from a Sergeant Troy Hendricks to Under-Sheriff Jon Bayne that detailed the number of cars that were stopped at the “Voluntary Survey”  conducted by PIRE’s Roadside Survey on 09/15/07 from 21:00hrs until the following morning at 04:00hrs.
HWY 119 at Mile Marker 22.5 / 21:30hrs-00:30hrs
Total Vehicles traveling in both directions:                         91
Total Vehicles directed over to Surveyors:                        40
Non-Qualified Vehicles (Commercial, Casino Busses Etc.) 3
Vehicles That Chose not to participate                               4
HWY 119 at Mile Marker 1.5 / 01:30hrs-04:00hrs
Total Vehicles traveling in both directions:                         1290

Total Vehicles directed over to Surveyors:                            45
Non-Qualified Vehicles (Commercial, Casino Busses Etc.)   25
Vehicles That Chose not to participate                                 07
A Denver television station (KWGN TV 2) reported on their web site what motorists experienced (Video Here,0,2092732.story?coll=kwgn-home-2 )
“At five spots alongside Colorado Highway 119, Gilpin County deputies worked to maintain traffic flow at the different survey spots. According to Hartman, deputies were not to talk to drivers at all. But some motorists say the deputies forced them off the road and into the surveyors hands.

"They kept stressing 'voluntarily'," said Soni Brosze. "But none of this was voluntary."

Brosze said he was handed a sheet of paper explaining the point of the survey and that his participation was voluntary and anonymous. But, he wasn't given time to read it as the persistent surveyor asked him to put out a cigarette and offered him $10 for his participation.

"That meant giving them a mouth swab," Brosze said. "Maybe I watch too many cop shows, but a mouth swab is what they use to set up a DNA file. They just weren't being honest about what they were doing." “
Sheriff Hartman was very cooperative and stated that he has contacted the Colorado 1st District Attorney (Colorado’s version of a County attorney that has the County of Gilpin and Jefferson in his jurisdiction) Mark Pautler at 303 271 6891 to inform him that as Sheriff he would be forwarding further complaints to his office and asked that he investigate the whole issue if he saw a need and that he would bear the consequences.
Earlier I spoke to the Sheriff department’s Cherokee Blake that was fielding questions and informing the sheriff of interested media. She informed me that the whole thing started due to their being contacted by an organization that had credentials from the federal government.
The Sheriff would later confirm this and said that the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation had contacted him and produced documents that convinced him that they were commissioned by two Federal organizations to conduct voluntary surveys that would collect saliva, breath and blood.
The first was the NHTSA “National Highway Traffic Safety Administration”
Colorado Regional Offices:
And the second was the NIAAA “National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism”.
I wasn’t surprised to find the Federal Government behind this project since I remember a similar effort in the mid 90’s that we were involved in here in Arizona called “Project Lead” that was about identifying motorist that carried guns (and the other cars traveling with them – More about that is included in another story here )
Immediately upon learning about this story I was very interested in the people behind the PIRE. – The site for the “Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation” is down. But the cashed site from Google is still up HERE

Towards the end of a pleasant conversation with the Sheriff, I asked him, “If I wanted to conduct a breast examination survey, what would I need to file with your office?” To his credit he maintained his composure but understood he was in deeper trouble on this issue than he thought when he arrived at work this morning. This comment prompted him to reveal that the Pacific Institute had enticed him with tales of how federal grants were allocated based on the results of such data.
After doing some of the research on this story and telling friends and family about my concerns, one of my friends said very plainly, “What?... Does Cheney need a heart transplant?” Now I got something else to add to my other concerns.
Ernest Hancock
Publisher - FreedomsPhoenix 
Updated material: 
Off-Duty Police Officer Human Subjects Overview Pacific Institute
Off-Duty Police Officers are hired by PIRE as consultants to provide assistance with the National Roadside Survey. The survey sites are marked with two signs that say “Voluntary Survey.”  Off-duty police officers assist with directing the safe flow of randomly selected vehicles into the survey site. They do not speak with subjects. A Survey Manager signals the police officer when an interviewer is available to conduct the next survey. The off-duty police officer then selects the next vehicle that can be safely waved into the survey site. To ensure unbiased selection of the first vehicle at each interview site, the third vehicle passing the site after initiation of the survey will be selected by the officer for the first interview.
The random selection process is vitally important. Without it, our data cannot be generalized to the whole population. A non-random sample makes our data worthless. There are, however, two exceptions to the random selection requirement: 1) We will NOT sample commercial vehicles at all; and 2) We will oversample motorcycles by selecting ALL motorcycle riders to participate.
The National Roadside Survey is research sponsored by two federal agencies (NIAAA and NHTSA), thus the Pacific Institute is bound by law to follow the Office of Human Research Protections, Ethical Principle, and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects. Consultants must complete a Human Subjects training module either on-line or review the training module binder and sign the training certificates before assisting with the surveys.
The most relevant features of the Human Subjects Protection Guideline on this project are as follows:
Subjects must understand that their participation is completely voluntary and anonymous and they may leave the site at any time. Upon contact with the subjects, the interviewer stresses three factors to the selected driver, namely they have committed no offense, are free to leave at any time, and that the stop was to request participation in an anonymous and voluntary survey. Any conversation with subjects by the police officer can be seen as coercive, thus the importance of not speaking to the subject. Police officers may say, “Please follow the directions of the Survey Manager,” when directing vehicles into the research site.
Subjects cannot be placed at risk of any type of harm as a result of participating in the survey, including arrest.  However, as researchers, we cannot ethically let an obviously impaired driver drive away from the survey site. The interviewers will not know the subject’s BAC (the PBT reading is stored in the PBT for download later), but they are trained to identify the signs of intoxication. They have passive sensor devices that they activate twice for every participant to help make an assessment of impairment. An interviewer will signal a Survey Manager if they suspect a driver is impaired. The Survey Manager will make his/her own assessment and decide if the survey should continue and if the Impaired Driver Protocol should be implemented. This protocol calls for the Survey Manager to request a breath test with a PBT that displays the BAC and then offer these choices: 1) Let a sober, licensed passenger drive after breath testing with a PBT that displays the BAC; 2) Call for two friends to come to the site; one to drive the subject’s vehicle; 3) Offer to pay for a taxi or tow ride home, and making arrangements for the safe parking of subject’s vehicle if needed; 4) Offer to have a member of the survey team drive the vehicle and subjects home; 5) Pay for a hotel if the subject lives far from the survey site.
If the driver refuses all options, the subject is told that we cannot in good conscience let him/her drive and that we will have to let the police officers know that in our judgment, he/she is not fit to drive away. From vast past experience, this is usually sufficient to get the driver to cooperate and take one of the options. If the driver continues to refuse, it is only then when it is a matter of public safety that the police officers will be asked to assist. The officer will be asked to (1) repeat the safe ride options, and if that fails, (2) the officer will call an off-duty officer and warn that an apparently impaired driver has left our site and report the pertinent vehicle information. Prior to calling the on-duty police, the off-duty officer will inform the driver that he/she will ‘call it in’ if the driver leaves the site. Police are then alerted to the potential hazard and if the driver gives probable cause to an on-duty officer, then that driver will be pulled over and subject to a police intervention.  Because the driver would have to give probable cause for a stop, there is no excess risk of arrest as a direct result of our calling. The risk of being pulled over and possibly arrested is a function of the driver’s behavior after leaving the site.

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Comment by William Patriot
Entered on:

Earnest, I fully understand your meaning,and am thankful.
May I state,when we are pushed against a wall and placed in a position of self defence, without any choice but to resort to violence,then the obvious will happen. It's them or us !
We who cherish freedom,are not willing to die for it, instead we must live for it ! A passive action has never accomplished anything other tham submission to the agressor, this has been proven throughout history.
I more than anyone prefer peaceful solutions to all conflicts,and getting along with our fellow man is paramount to a civilized society if it is to prosper.
The greatest problem is petty dictator want to be's care little about their fellow man, and seek unlimited power and riches instead no matter the cost or life and liberty.
I feel strongly justified in my views, and if others felt the same 15 years ago as I did,(through research) there would not be the problem we are faced with now.
All we get from Congress and the president,are delayed promises of future corrections to problems. These tactics are the rule to give them time to be as strong as possible and devide the loyalties of the people for conquest.
We as a nation have let those in power stay there too long and are now suffering the results. We have become a nation of law abiders , for the sake of law, like trained seals ,we do as we are told without thinking, WHY ?
Illegal laws and those who create them and enforce them are choking this nation to death ,slowly but surely we are loosing it as a free country. I do not want to go through what Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, did to their population under their steel boots.
YES peace is a great desire of all people, however governments who opress freedom,are the root of all evil, who are the only ones who declare war on another. People do not !
This is why they must be defeated when the treason is obvious, for the longer we wait, the stronger they get, Proven time and time again.
We have no votes, they are rigged and have been for a long time. The courts are against us, the Supreme Court is against us, Law enforcement is against us, Highest ranking military leaders are against us, What choice have we left ?
The spirit of 76 gave us this nation, will the spirit of 2008 take it away ?

Comment by Ernest Hancock
Entered on:

I just watched the first half of the movie Gandi again a couple of days ago and his argument that he was prepared to die for freedom, but not willing to kill struck me as interesting (keeping in mind that it was a Hollywood version of his views).

Many don't know that his own writings declared that he thought that the confiscation of firearms by the British Government was part of what allowed the decent into the barbarism that the Indian people experienced.

Ghandi: "Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest."

But passive resistance was a powerful weapon (Andrew Meyer "Taser Guy" comes to mind). Ghandi's argument went along the line of, 'if we allow violence to be our weapon then if it ever did stop, what kind of people would be taking over the positions of power'? This is a very important thing to consider. The argument that the documentation (Internet) of brutality and the often violent results from all involved is enough to change the hearts of the oppressors is true.

When violent revolution is called for it can not be from a central command. In the end the solution always is worse than the original problem. A successful revolution (violent or otherwise) has always come from individuals making up their own minds how best to use their talents and skills. If you show up on your own in the village square ready to do battle and you are the only one there, then maybe the time is wrong. If you act too early then you can't count on the support of others and you might not be doing the good that you had hoped.

I am of the opinion and have conducted myself in such a way to demonstrate how being creative in your expression is far more effective than violence against persons or property. Ridicule is a very powerful weapon and tyrants can be expected to act predictably (with force and deception). A very low self-esteem is any authoritarian's weakness.

I have my lines in the sand. I can not imagine my taking every action possible to prevent "the King" from taking my children. So I do my best to prepare for that eventuality by planning to make sure I am not put in the situation where a government agent shows up at my door in a starched uniform with a shiny badge and a clipboard with a deeply embossed parchment stating that my sons must now serve 'The King' (oh, and there is always a 'gun' available to the agent in one form or another). I suspect that the return of 'The Draft' has been delayed for just this reason. Taking people's children by force to go die for a tyrant is the fastest way I know to cause the most 'dissent'.

So I am working very hard to prevent this.


Comment by William Patriot
Entered on:

Way to go Ernest, I liked the breast thing.,
As for the comment about going to jail for what you believe, this is a defeatist attitude ! Never think in this manner, think I refuse to bow to this and I refuse to go to jail !
You may not be aware, but Clinton Exec.order was to gass all prisoners when martial law IS declared., Not IF !
I believe this Sheriff has learned a valuable lesson, if he reviews his oath of office, and adheres to it, we may have a hero in the making.
He is the ONLY authority in his county and can arrest even government agents for entering his county without prior permission.

Comment by Dave Hodges
Entered on:

This runs hand in glove with the Arizona's Governor as she plans to be one of the first states to enact a North American Union Real ID in January of 2008. I fully expect the liberal Janet to implement the same program here in the near future. i believe that this is evidence that the "powers" are testing the degree to which they can violate our constitutional rights before American citizens begin to push back. For me, I plan to refuse and go to jail if necessary to avoid compliance to this fascist practice. Implanted hips are a com'in and it will not be an option. What are you going to do? Superb reporting, Ernie.

Comment by EZWriter
Entered on:
Remember, too, that a license gives permission to do that which would otherwise be unlawful to do. The Driver's License denotes a privilege granted by the state to individuals to drive/travel on public roads. When the state grants you a "favor" they reserve the right to attach additional requirements at their leisure.

It remains to be seen whether or not this so-called private entity was officially authorized by the state or federal government to carry out these actions but Sheriff Hartman, as the highest elected law enforcement officer in the county, could have acted on behalf of his county's citizenry by forbidding these roadblocks until he had investigated their authority to do so thoroughly.

Instead, he jumped at the bait of the allusion to grants in the offing and betrayed his office and the trust of those who elected him.

The above posters are correct, we can expect more of this. They are taking DNA samples from newborns in hospitals and any others who go to a hospital for treatment. There is much more to this DNA database that they are building but that is for another time.

Suffice to say, it is to our detriment. Will Americans ever reach the point where they say "enough is enough?" I suspect that the time for that is past - we just haven't had it announced on CNN so nobody will believe how truly enslaved we already are.

Comment by Dary
Entered on:

So what's the fuss? We've already given up all our rights re the totally repressive DUI laws. The cops have the power to do whatever they want to anybody they want anytime. Search and seizure, racial profiling, sexual abuse, whatever they want, the cops have a free hand as long as they spew the magic letters "DUI." This was nothing compared to that. The cows left the barn eons ago, and everybody cheered. Freedom died with thunderous applause. So take it and like it. More of this will come.

Comment by Hawkeye
Entered on:

Remember..The police will do anything they are told to do.....Right or Wrong,and their oath means nothing to them.
If "Bush" wanted to mow down Americans,the police would be high on the list of choices for the job.