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Campaign for Liberty's Special Guest Speaker ?????

Written by Subject: Eugenics
What if... 
Sarah Palin is the secret special guest speaker at the Campaign for Liberty event?
Just asking :)
 Think about it a moment.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Gosh, I thought it was going to be you. :-D

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Oooooh, I've been getting a lot of phone calls and emails about this one :)

The closer I get to the "Campaign for Liberty" the more it is denied.

I'm getting the feeling that I've hit a nerve. I was also informed that this line of thought was already discussed on RonPaulForums.

I also should have been more general about Sarah Palin's appearance at the "Restore the Republic" event. My naming her as _the_ Special Guest Speaker was taken to mean that she would be filling a specific 'speaking slot' on the schedule that I know nothing about.

I would be very surprised if Ms. Palin doesn't make at least an appearance for the cameras.

In just a few days we'll know.

(Privately in conversations with close friends I speculate that, 'when the election fraud dials are turned in favor of McCain, the Lame-Stream Media will justify the result due to McCain being able to reach the r3VOLution via Palin's support of Ron Paul's rhetoric and the Campaign for Liberty allowing her to show her face without too much opposition'. Those that know me well know that I consider the whole of national politics just a Matrix distraction.

No matter what the perceived gains, there will not be a devolving of the Empire, elimination of the Welfare/Warfare State, expectation of children being born right now to pay off the accumulated debt, elimination of the surveillance state, ending of the the Drug War, the Federal Reserve or the IRS... it's all just mind candy.

After this week I will be more willing to fully share my thoughts of what has happened over the last year and a half and let be known what our plans are for the future following this election cycle.

After 20 years of face to face combat with The Empire I know that the struggle is never over and we have yet to get into the really interesting part.

Hold on,... we're just getting started :)

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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McCain,aka,(Songbird) wants to drill for oil.
Palin has connections with oil..DA!!
First the "Navajo",now the "Eskimo".

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