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Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
To me it's not just about Bill O'reilly because MSNBC, CNN and the rest are no better, this is why I threw this video together. The song Kill Bill O'reilly is by 3 guys called the East Coast Avengers  -- Esoteric, Trademarc and DC THE MIDI ALIEN.
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East Coast Avengers
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Kill Bill O'reilly East Coast Avengers Video

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Comment by Ron Moss
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Don't blame poor Bill, They did the same thing to Andrew Jackson when he got wise to the bankers. The real terrorists to this nation are bankers who masqurade as friends of the congress to steal us blind. Please don't enslave my kids with your debt. We now pay $1.2Billion a day interest ransomto their families who funded Adolf Hitler