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More Votes for Judge John Buttrick in Maricopa County than Bob Barr got Nationwide

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 Libertarian Arizona Superior Court Judge John Buttrick was retained in office by an overwhelming majority of Maricopa County voters on November 4. Over 75% of the voters lodged a “Yes” vote entitling Buttrick to his second full four year term in office. The latest raw vote totals show Buttrick with 568,611 votes. This marks the second election where Buttrick received more votes in Maricopa County than the Libertarian Party presidential candidate received in the entire United States.'
 “I take no joy in having surpassed the vote totals of Michael Badnarik and Bob Barr,” Buttrick stated, “but I am heartened by the ongoing support shown by the voters in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.” Buttrick received the fourth highest vote total among the fourty one Superior Court judges up for retention. “I think the impressive level of voter support was a direct result of the published polling data regarding my courtroom performance as assessed by lawyers, witnesses, parties and jurors who appeared before me.” That data is available for viewing at and was made available to all registered voters in a publicity pamphlet distributed before the election. Additionally, Buttrick believes that his breadth of experience as a judge who has completed assignments in Civil, Criminal and Family Court worked to his advantage. He currently is one of only three judges assigned to hear civil cases designated as “complex” because of their need for ongoing and intense judicial supervision. “It is by far the most challenging assignment I’ve had so far.” Attacks on Buttrick for his long standing Libertarian Party affiliation and activism, including two partisan runs for office, membership on the Libertarian National Committee and two terms as Chair of the National Platform Committee, apparently had no negative effect on the voters.
 “I think my second retention should put to rest the idea that a history of Libertarian activism dooms candidates to public office. In fact, I believe the vast majority of voters have respect for candidates who have demonstrated unwavering adherence to principle.”
 Buttrick said he “looks forward to my next term in office and to appearing before Libertarian groups as my schedule allows.”
Inquiries may be directed to Judge Buttrick at 602-506-0971 

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Comment by Barry Hess
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I am extremely proud to state that mine is among the good people who have the good sense to retain a man of uncompromised principles.