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Ernest Hancock on KFYI with Mike Broomhead about AR-15

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Comment by Tom W.
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Ernie you took the spot light away from the Republican shills and their town hall meeting, shame on you, how

 You could tell that Meathead...err...I mean Broomhead was quite upset by having the spotlight taken from him

Comment by rainyday
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I don't think Earnie and Chris set this up as self promotion. I think it was set up to make a point. The point is that some people are drawing a line in the sand and they are sick and tired of the theviery. They are going to push so far until some people start pushing back. That's the point and it's a point I agree with. Brooooomhead mentioned why Ron Paul didn't win the election. Ron Paul didn't win the Republician nomination because of the games the Republicans played. I seen it for myself. You don't have to look too far down the rabbit hole to see their agenda. As a matter of fact, Republicians and Democrats are not that different. Have you seen any CHANGE??? The only change I see is the few cents left in my pocket. They should HOPE they don't try and take it!

Comment by shawn sannity
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 hey ernest I actually tuned in right in time just to see if they were still trying to put the back spin talking points on the obama o'rama ar-15 dealio .

man they sounded like air america for 10 mins. but obviously we know they are commercialised conservatives .as real as pam andersons boobs .

the talking point is ''staged''

but what they fail to admit is that chris would had done that regaurless of your tv show or any pub. that has become of this .

but in the end we know that it was mission accomplished because the attack dogs were sent out with the disinfo talking points .

great job guys! 9-11 was an inside job !

Comment by hatchcar
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 If there is anyone who is soooooooo dependent on the left/right pardigm, it's this guy.  Ernie, I thought you were great.  But then again, you run around these guys all the time.

Comment by foundZero
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man i thought i was good at talking in circles but this guy has my head spinning.

Comment by Brock
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I am SOOOOO in Mike Broomhead's debt!  For the last 4-5 years I've wondered just what the hell "conservative" means, now, and Broomhead finally answered it.

Conservative is: pro-murder, anti-market collectivism.

Glad to know just how far The Party has run from the rhetoric.



Comment by Drew
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 Broomhead? that about said it all, Broomhead, LOL

Comment by Freed Radical
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BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! It's hilarious listening to Republicans whine about not being in control of the terms of the political debate. Republican Party leaders are all for the Bill of Rights as long as it doesn't get in the way of their agenda. They are pissed off at being upstaged by a few dozen libertarians. Libertarians have every right to pursue our own agenda when Obama comes to town. We are not part of the Republican collective!!!!!

Eric New