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Christmas carroling and other lost forms of American terrorism

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It's been some years since I managed to hook up with a carroling team, it's one thing that just didn't transplant to the high desert. I tried it solo last year and nearly got shot because in Arizona, you are not carroling, you are trespassing.
Back in the Northeast it was great. You get your troop together, all the wives, all the neighbours, all the kids for a quick rehearsal and you go out there all bundled up, crunching across the snow, kids racing ahead to see who would be first to ring that next doorbell.
Now dig, on Christmas eve, or any random night near before, half the town in out to get you too so you might encounter other troops and get into snowball fights, see who can sing the loudest, join forces and continue on to terrorize the land.
Now to make things better, half the town is well ready with the old "figgy pudding" routine so us kids got spiced cider or nogg and the adults, well, let's just say a lot of them joined forces with us but seemed to lag further and further behind and mostly shout HO HO HO.
Now we all know why Santa has a red nose. Him and Rudolph. They have a fondness for rum and hard cider. Antifreeze.
Wells that's it in a nutshell. You got to terrorize people in their own homes. Everybody got involved. It was awesome.

But that's back when it was Christmas. Nobody goes "holiday carroling". What would they sing anyways?

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I enjoyed this. Great mental pictures here of you dodging bullets and adults getting jolly and lagging behind. Thanks for the smiles and Merry Christmas, Oyate.