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At Sky Harbor - Gary & Verda

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Verda and Gary were able to pass out two cases of Opt Out Kits at Sky Harbor Airport between 11:30AM and 1:30PM today.

One out of every five or six travelers would take the kits and many thanked us for them and said they didn't like  what TSA is doing.

All ,whether they took the kit or not, were asked to get the TSA officials to change their gloves before they were examined by them.

Most people were appalled that TSA was not changing gloves for each "victim".

A couple of TSA officials who came by were asked if TSA issued them radiation badges.

One answered a disappointedly NO!

We hope everyone else were equally successful.

I think we generated a lot of thought about the procedures and I'm sure the travelers will be telling their friends and family about it when they arrive at their destination.

Freedom is the answer!

Gary & Verda

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Comment by Ducatijeanne
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This is such a wonderful recap of the day.  You both should feel a great sense of accomplishment. Great job!

I certainly am elated after spending time educating people/waking people up/getting them to think for themselves. And then it's on to the next adventure!

You know....National Opt Out Day needs to be everyday.

A friend just sent me an article pointing out the true physical hazard of these body scanners.  How can anyone in their right mind think getting that freaky image of your body like that from these scanner isn't going to affect you health in some way???  Seriously !!!!!