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Breaking News!! Sheriff Richard Mack to Run for AZ Gov. with Your Help

I have some potentially awesome news!! Sheriff Mack might run for Governor of Arizona!

Roughly two weeks ago, I came across this article: claiming that Mack was "eyeing a run for governor." The only problem is that you need a password to read the entire article. The part you can read states:

A prominent Arizona sheriff who became an icon to conservatives across the United States is considering a run for governor. Hint: It’s not Joe Arpaio. Former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack, who garnered national attention in the 1990s for his successful challenge of the federal Brady Bill, said he might vie for the Republican nomination in ...

I have been in contact with retired sheriff Richard Mack regularly helping to promote his book: "The County Sheriff: America\'s Last Hope." So, I got in touch with him to ask him about his potential run for office. He Replied:

I am seriously considering the run for governor...My wife is so concerned about the financial aspects of running and that I would be forced to spend our life savings and retirement on the race. If I could show her the people are behind me I am sure it would convince her.

That is where we come in. It is time for the grassroots to organize and show Sheriff Mack (and his wife) that the public is behind him. This would be a huge victory for liberty! Anyone who knows the Sheriff knows the he will take the federal gvernment head on. he proved that by refusing to comply with the enforcement of the Brady Bill, taking it to the Supreme Court, and winning a victory for the people. Since, He has become a prominent speaker in the liberty movement, and he has been reaching out to county sheriff\'s in an attempt to get them to uphold their oath and follow the Constitution.

If you are unfamiliar with Sheriff Mack check out his website at:

Let us organize,

Kevin Dunbar

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Comment by SamFox
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I'd vote for Mack. But I would rather see Lin Munsell as gov & Sheriff Mack run for Prez. 

If it was a choice between Munsill & Mack for gov I would probably vote Mack. Sorry Lin. Hope it does not come to that.



Comment by foundZero
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He would spend his entire life savings and retirement funds for this race? I'm not sure I can rationalize this.

Comment by Aaron Turpen
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You know, he tried to run for governor of Utah once and the majority of his campaign staff left the campaign when it became apparent than it wasn't Mack for Governor, but Pre-Paid Legal for Governor.

I'm sure this time around it will be different.  Probably "Get My New Book for Governor."

Good luck, Arizona.

Comment by Anonymous Watchman
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What refreshing news this is. Lets get started!