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A love revolution, Goldwater-style

• The Boston GLobe
The most striking image from his campaign - the slogan "Revolution" with the letters "EVOL" reversed to spell "love" backward - is, to use a 1960s metaphor, more Beatles than Barry Goldwater. The creator of this slogan,

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Comment by Fascist Nation
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Another point to be corrected is that Ernie created the r3VOLution logo. He did not.

His credit is that he spotted the image on the Internet some 18 months ago, recognized the genius of the logo -- I did not when he showed it to me, thinking it no big deal -- and he tucked it away for some future project. He picked the Ron Paul project and the Ron Paul r3VOLution was born.

Ernie's other genius is that his r3VOLution is bottom up, not top down. There is no head of the snake to cut off. Everybody literally is a potential leader of their own Ron Paul r3VOLution, free to do their own thing, contribute their own ideas and efforts ... and has been. The infection has rapidly spread not just across the nation, but now is going around the world. And that was (and still is) the initial goal of the Ron Paul r3VOLution.

Comment by Hawkeye
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Who`s paying mrs young to say "Paul Can`t Win"?
Are all of you people for sale?

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