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United Church of Christ President Arrested at White House

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The Rev. John H. Thomas, president of the United Church of Christ, was arrested Wednesday outside the White House while attempting to deliver a pastoral letter

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Comment by William Patriot
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Dictator Bush is keeping himself immune from any & all disagreements.
The fault is with those who protect him without question.
Even secret service does not realize their job is to protect the constitution & Bill of Rights, not the president who goes against these documents. This is what America is based on ,not protecting dictators but our country and what it stands for, FREEDOM !
If they have a Sheriff in that county ? He should arrest all involved with this outrage against the right to redress the government.
Talk about a COMPOUND, this is the ultimate compound , not the private homes of peaceful citizens the government & their paid flunkies in the news media claim as they attack with impunity.
Past time for a reconing with the white house & it's occupents. Take away their tax paid protection & make them face those whom they deny an audiance. Time for a lot more ignoring their police. There are more of us than them !