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'fake online campaign' (Ron Paul)

• By Mark Schliebs
Professor De Bots said that for a relatively unknown candidate like Senator Paul to have so much prominence online was suspicious. (They keep referring to Ron Paul as a Senator. I guess they aren't _that_ informed - Is this their best mud sling?)

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Comment by Anonymous
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You gotta love the deep research that went into this article. The first word of the headline is wrong. "Senator in Fake Online Campaign." Ron Paul is not a senator; he's a congressman. Wonder what they'll when the fake senator wins the real presidency?

Comment by SamFox
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Sure it is. Perhaps his message is a spark of hope that has ignited the grassroots. After all, we the people who make up the grassroots have been like dry grass in a field. All we needed was a spark of hope for the return of true Constitutional government from some one to set us off. Ron Paul's platform is just the right spark at just the right time. Either a great coincidence or an answer to prayer.

If that is all the prof has it isn't much. I guess Ron just printed up the 5 mil. he took in him self. Sure he did!