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More Questions About Upcoming US Terror Drill

The huge terror drill Operation Vigilant Shield starts shortly, and rumors are flying about what it entails and how US citizens are responding. The drill is raising numerous questions because of its secrecy and has apparently raised worries out in Po

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Comment by William Shaw
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This is what is so amazing about this government and those who run it in secret, (CFR ).
It seems to be impossible for them to do anything without tipping their intentions first. They always seem to want a trial run before sticking their necks out to be chopped off.
If the trial run goes well then they do the real thing. This always tells us exactly their intentions and what and how,when and where.
They have done this from the time of the first world war until present,. From Ruby Ridge to Oklahoma city, to Waco, Tx. to Twin towers..
From seat belts to smoking, they are so transparent !
Wouldn't it be something if a few patriots took this oppertunity to pull the same stunts in Wash,out, DC ? when this little drill starts ?