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U.S. Senate Officially Attacks Private Citizen

• Rush Limbaugh
Let by Nevada's Senator Reid 40 other US senators willfully and knowingly lied to slander a US citizen in efforts to discredit and/or impede his free speech rights. This is a direct violation of their sworn oath of office to defend and protect t

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Comment by Ed Price
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Oath of office violation done intentionally is not only impeachable, but it amounts to treason. They should be punished accordingly.

Ron Paul mildly mentions from time to time in his speeches that Congress should get back to the Constitution and uphold their oathes of office. Nobody in Congress is contradicting him on this. How long before they are estopped from contradicting him?

When are we the people going to bring Misprison of Felony charges against all the members of government who are not doing anything about those people who are breaking their oathes of office?

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