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Grad's Commencement Address Skewers McCain

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This brave young woman lets loose on John McCain, who was there to deliver an address of his own. Best thing since Colbert roasted Bush....

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Comment by GilaRiverRider
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This was produced by Democracy Now and didn't take place in front of any serious student commencement. Look carefully at the school banner draped over the podium for starters. Notice the camera does not pan to the usual administrative types seated behind the speaker? Notice the music? The applause has also been dubbed in on cue. This was never done in front of Senator McCain -

The editors should vette out the materials posted here as this is plainly a cheap production of Democracy Now and Amy what's her name.

Comment by SamFox
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What did she mean by saying we have nothing to fear from US gov.? The 'Patriot' Act alone should tell her something.

Then there are the open borders that allow criminals to come on in to the USA.