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Danger, danger. Your 401(K) is going to be taken away.

• Boston Herald
Socialism is on the way. First, on the hit list is your 401(k). Congressional Democrats have a plan to eliminate 401(k)s and have this money transferred to a government guaranteed retirement accounts.

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Can you feel the propaganda?

To think that this "plan" would be limited to the Democrats is stink'n think'n. I have no doubt that this is just as likely as the National Socialization of the entire economy already well under way. But to think that the effort is a "Democrat or Republican" plan is to fall into the mind fog trap.

Many that have heard me speak can remember a phrase I use a lot lately. The Bad Guys have asked the real question, "is everyone's chips on the table?....they are all ours now".

All of the financial decisions of policy over the last 3 decades (at least) has been a rapid positioning for what is happening RIGHT NOW!!! "The largest robbery EVER!"

At every level this has taken place and on a global scale.

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