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Odessa TX Police Investigating Internet Posters

• Odessa American Online
A police investigation on a fake marijuana grow house may lead to the Odessa American's website, Odessa Police Lt. Jesse Duarte and Chief Tim Burton suggested. [vote in the fascism poll!]

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Comment by foundZero
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Hmmmm....Officer Duarte "mentioned Kopbusters CEO Barry Cooper and 'everyone that is responding' to the two stories".

I sure am glad I'm not responding to this story. It would be highly, shall we say, "balanced" to have crooked cops getting busted on television though. I mean, this isn't a response or anything, it's just my feeling that crooked and abusive cops need some more attention. More time in the limelight. After all, if you've ever met a crooked cop, you know what incredibly great stage presence they have. It just makes for great television.

But I iterate, this does not constitute a "response". I'd call it a commentary, because that's what the button at the bottom of this form says. I'm commenting, not responding. Or, I might reject the implied contract of the button as nominated, and declare that I am being satirical in which case I'm protected if I suggest that every cop on scene showed up wearing their wives makeup and dresses and carrying porno mags and bongs. Because I can disclose the fact that I saw the video and there are clearly no bongs or porno present, much less anyone ostensibly dressed in women's clothing. Or talking with a lisp, or walking around with a certain flouncy bump in the badunkadunk.

To suggest that I've personally interviewed officers who were on scene and who intimated to me that they'd like to "meet young guys who like to party" would be pure fallacy on my part.

Similarly, to suggest that certain officers on scene told me privately that "they were just out to get a bust and go home" has no basis in fact, however, eyewitness and court record show that cops recently shoved the antenna of a police radio up the rectum of a subdued citizen suspected (not even charged) of a crime, and we fully know you will draw lethal weapons of food co-op people and their (correction, OUR) young children, so the fact is,


Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Or come smoke one of mine.