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Do 90 Percent of the Guns Used in Mexican Drug Crimes Really Come From America?

• The Agitator
From Hillary Clinton to Diane Feinstein to Bob Schieffer to the New York Times, gun control proponents keep repeating the claim that 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico’s drug war were sold in the United States.

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Comment by William1950
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What we have to define here is the word sold. Who were the two parties to the sale. As the United States Government is the largest arms dealer in the world, as the United States government just gave a grant to Mexico so they could fight the drug cartels, as the men who received the guns to fight the cartels are paid by the cartels, it is determined that yes, the guns were purchased by the Mexican government--sold to- given to police and military officers who were part of the crime problem, so we did sell them guns. But as far as I can see no private person in America has sold ten thousnd guns to the drug cartels, they don't need a private sellers, they get just off the manufactoring lines new rifles from US Stocks, trucked legally into Mexico and then stored in areas where the cartel can pick up what ever they need for a good noghts killing and return them the next day to be cleaned and made sure they are ready again.