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John Shadegg and a lesson in hypocrisy

Video of unruly liberals talking down to our wonderful republican leadership!

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Comment by Ducatijeanne
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Wow, you folks are the Heroes Of The Day along with Ernie Hancock for his excellent speech!! Thank you so much for getting up there and reminding Mr. Shadegg that he voted for the BAIL OUT!!! What, did he think we forgot? Has he conveniently forgotten how we called his office, wrote to him and e-mail him pleading that he stand firm against the ripoff abomination; the raping of this Country.
We Know The Truth!
ditto to Messrs. McCain and Kyle.

Comment by Brock
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Good job, guys! Familiar faces bring back memories of the heady days (eons ago in bailout time) of the fall of 2008 when RINOs ran to cover the butt of the senile senior senator of AZ by out-spending the big spenders.

Hypocrisy - Josh Noone and The Federal Crime - recorded live on Oct 30, 2008

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