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Three Successes in the War on Immigrants

• Jacob Hornberger / FFF
While the crises and chaos continue to worsen in the drug war, monetary policy, fiscal policy, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Iraq, Afghanistan, the war on terrorism, and foreign policy, at least U.S. officials have three recent successes.

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Comment by Brock
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RShackleford, while you are giving us "fair market rates" why don't you give us Monday's QQQ and set the line on Monday's games, too.

C'mon, help a brotha out with your numerology knowledge.

Comment by RShackleford
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Yep this country needs to realize that there are some jobs Americans just won't do!

This is true today just like it was 200 years ago.
You couldn't get a white guy to go do a job (pick cotton) for no or little pay..... so we solved that problem by skirting the issue of supply and demand by getting a group of people (black slaves) that would do the work for next to nothing.

Here is a thought, lets just bring in a bunch of third world lawyers that will do legal work for about $15/hour for sense spending the going rate of what American lawyers are charging....$400/hour is a crock.

Pay a man what he is worth and you will get people (Americans) to pick your damn tomatoes!

Yes, maybe we will need to pay a "fair market rate" for our produce.

Employing illegal aliens is a kin to keeping the price of cotton down by using slaves to do the dirty work....The work no American would do before circa 1865.

Comment by Darren Wolfe
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We're going to "success" ourselves to ruin. Maybe if the govt would only fail a little more. ;-)