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Mish: Click It or Ticket Insanity; 10% of Texans Have Arrest Warrants

• Michael Shedlock / Mish
A couple of weeks ago, the local paper printed names of El Pasoans with outstanding arrest warrants. 78,000 El Pasoans made the paper! What’s going on here?

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Comment by Lucky Red
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Biiiiiiiiiig news here!

About 4 or 5 years ago, I witnessed one of the most egregious cases of this type of thing ever. A small town off the NJ Turnpike corridor set up a road block at a convenient, busy intersection. I witnessed them at it for days not knowing whatever it was till the following week, the town's newspaper published a big spread on the front page tooting the fact that they had raised over $275,000 from the fines. I then said, ah ha! When in doubt, always follow the trail and, invariably, it'll lead you to the true cause which is, usually, money.

Well, I remember saying to myself, if I had been caught in that trap, I would have taken adds on the major papers calling for anybody that got a ticket to get in touch with me and would have talked them all into contesting the tickets. Since this was a rinky dinky town in NJ with a municipal court (read as: night court one night a week) with one judge, I'd would have loved to have seen what they would have done with thousands of people appealling the tickets! Oh, boy, would I have ever taught them a lesson!

But people don't have the brains, the energy, the common sense, much less the pride or the courage to fight the system. They might as well pay the fine and acquiesce to their own servitude.

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