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Charges won't be filed against trooper for assaulting an EMT enroute to the hospital

(Another cop NOT being held accountable) The paramedic's attorney, Richard O'Carroll, says, "We are disappointed the district attorney did not file charges against the trooper. While we understand his position politically, we believe it would have gone a long way in resolving the matter."

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Comment by Morpheus Titania
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Cops are pirates.  They job is to STEAL, Break Things, Hurt people and KILL.  How obvious does it have to get before people figure it out?  In a free society what value do they have?

Comment by Richard Stone
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Since cops are never responsible for their misdeeds are we surprised that they go on to bigger and better crimes. Never being held accountable is the biggest problem. It is not the thugs with guns and badges on the street it is the people above them that is the problem. It is time to go after them.