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US approves IMF Gold sale, What does it mean?

• Mish Shedlock
 Last week the US House of Representatives passed a bill which included an expanded credit facility for the IMF and gave US approval for the proposed IMF sale of 400 tons of gold.  Is this an attempt to suppress the price of gold

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Comment by Tom Dowdey
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 The U.S. and the European Union filed complaint against China today asking the WTO to reduce China's export restraints on a number of "important" raw materials like, manganese, silicon metal, silicon carbide, and zinc.
Some of these resources cannot be found outside China.  Translation:
China no longer wants our worthless paper in exchange for their goods/resources...
That is how "trade" is supposed to work, both sides have something to offer the other.
We can't understand why China might not want green paper in exchange for their resources...
so now we have to cry to the WTO.

I bet they are willing if we offer gold in exchange. 

America is down. She has been knocked unconscious by the Globalist financial thugs. They have rendered us "helpless" by destroying our dollar monetary system. Now, unconscious, they are going through our pockets.... taking what's left of our real, remaining wealth.... the Gold.

I believe Obama was forced to offer the gold in exchange, to keep the bond bubble afloat a little longer.  He tagged this directive from the Global cabal onto the Security bill to gain congressional approval.   Just my 2cents.




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