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Spokane-area residents see another side of Iran ("Government Bad. People Good")


“They didn’t know what to make of us,” said Pam Deutschman.

But despite their surprise or shock to meet Americans visiting their country, many of the Iranians welcomed them with open arms.

“They knew how hard it was and how unusual it was for Americans to be there,” said Jon Snyder. “They were deeply impressed and it reinforced their pride in their country.”

Throughout their travels to Tehran, Isfehan, Shiraz and other cities, people stopped to talk.

“What do you think of our country?” they would ask. On a few occasions, some people told them in English: “Government, bad. People, good.”     ( "Hmm, apparently Ernie's been to Iran!" Dianne said! So I thought I'd share that little tidbit with you guys!

Frank G )