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The Extraordinary Evil of Bernie Madoff (and our next Fed Chairman is...)

• Bill Bonner for

Poor Bernie. The man has been ordered to spend 150 years in the hoosegow. What for? Who did he kill? A century and a half seems a little excessive for a financial crime. You could hold up three liquor stores and rape a whole convent and still not get 150 years. With a little bit of good lawyer-ing, a history of child abuse in the family, and good behavior in the big house, you’d be back on the street in 18 months.

But all the papers seem delighted. “Locked up for Life!” says one of today’s headlines. The judge “threw the book at him,” says another. His victims wanted him to get no mercy. The judge gave him none, imposing the maximum sentence. He is “extraordinarily evil,” said the man on the bench.

Justice has been done. Right?


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Comment by TL Winslow (21344)
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He did kill. So far two people have committed suicide because of him.

The real scandal is where did all them 60 billions go? Sure, he started out stealing millions so he could afford his high lifestyle, but nobody can spend $60 billion on consumption, there's no way, particularly without leaving visible assets that can be seized. But in his case they only found $1 billion worth, hence, it's like a new Who Killed Kennedy Conspiracy Theory, is Made-Off a lone gunman, and if not, who's really got the dough?

My bet is the state of Israel. Only a government can hide and protect that much moolah, and since he's Jewish, and a lot of his sucker clients were Jewish, maybe they thought they were doing Israel proud. Since 1948 the U.S. Congress has given Israel about $80 billion, so maybe they thought they needed some extra?

Comment by Patriot 2012 (20351)
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Lets look at this clearly, Bernie's crime affected hundreds of people all around the country. This is the same sort of sentence that should be handed down on politicians when they LIE and STEAL and constantly get away with it. Therefore, we should have the same law applied towards Politicians because their own criminal activity affects the whole of the American people. I am tired of Politicians constantly running for office  making promises and then turn around into the opposite direction. I truely do not believe the courts will ever go after those in Government. We the people have to physically remove them and if the cops and security continue to back those criminals up then they are also to be arrested. I am not so sure the Americans have the guts to do this though. Til, Obama starts acting like the true Anti Christ.