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Pentagon orders soldier fired for challenging prez- Call Now Express your outrage number provided

The Department of Defense has compelled a private employer to fire a U.S. Army Reserve major from his civilian job after he had his military deployment orders revoked for arguing he should not be required to serve under a president who has not proven his eligibility for office.

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Comment by RShackleford
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You know that this came down from Obama himself to have him fired....


What's a matter Barry don't like it when someone gets to close to the truth of you being a total fraud???


For any government entity to strong arm a private company this way is complete and utter B.S.  And is Illegal! All those involved should be court marshaled, we should never have people in our military that will obey an illegal order…NEVER...sounds like Nazi Germany, the early years. Wake up people.


This proves that BO has no U.S. Birth certificate. If he did he would show it and all this would be done away with and he and his minions would not have to continue to spend millions of $$ trying to fight those that are brave enough to question his eligibility.


"The flak is always heaviest when you are close to the target"



Comment by Randynaz
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 Lucky Red, I dont care if he is black, white, or any other race for that matter. The costitution say you must be a natural born citizen . And if he is a birth certificate shouldnt be hard to produce, its not a big deal , he is making it a big deal by not producing it. He talks about transparency, yet his life is a mystery, his school records arent available, who paid for his school.

This soldier has every right to question him. 

Comment by Patriot 2012
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Guess Lucky Red is the Real COMMIE

Comment by Lucky Red
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You right-wing nutjobs are out of control!  Do you realize the utter hypocrisy and misguided act in this?  If you told me that the guy was fired for questioning the legitimacy of the war or for challenging whether it's right for the US to have invaded a foreign country based on a lie, I'd have to say "Woe and run to make the call or write the letter" but no, no, no!  The asshole has to challenge it on the basis that Obama hasn't provided his birth certificate.  You people deserve everything you get!  What a bunch of brainwashed, racist, stupid morons y'all are!


Comment by Hawkeye
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What is the connection between the Military and a civilian? Can the Military really tell the privite sector who to fire,or,who to fire?  I don`t think so.

The man,I use that term loosley,who fired Mr Cook is a Communist Pupit.

Comment by rewrite
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I'm a Korean Veteran and I approve this message. I will not recognize this imposter as My President. I had to show my Birth Cert. when I entered the Military in 1951 and the rules haven't changed. The Company that fired this decorated Hero should have the guts to thumb their noses at this Illegal Arab African Imposter. GOD Bless America and OUR Troops. 

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