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"Tax The Hell Out Of It." Why?

• Christine Smith's Blog
Regulation better than illegality? What’s “public” about health?

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Comment by Brock Lorber (11655)
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Ernie, you cheated!  You actually read Ms. Christine's blog (spot on, by the way).  Luckyred didn't have that advantage before commenting about something wholly off-topic. 

Comment by Ernest Hancock (1003)
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Nailed it.

Comment by Ernest Hancock (1003)
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I read the first comment before reading the article. And knowing Christine I am looking forward to reading what Christine has to say on the subject.

But I know what I'm looking for...

I just want to know if she advocates for my not being forced to put my money into another government bucket to have dumped into the buckets of those greedy companies the commenter is so much against.


Let's find out....

Comment by Lola Flores (20562)
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 People have been indignant about healthcare for a long time.  And, no, it's not those bunch of old hacks on Medicare that, absent something better to do, are showing up at town hall meetings to mob and disrupt the proceedings simply because they're hateful.  It is because people are indigant (all 50 million who don't have healthcare insurance because they either have been dropped by the greedy insurance companies or who can't afford it) that have pushed the issue very hard so that we can all have a decent option for everyone.  If the Right Wing nutjobs don't like that, they can all go and jump off a bridge or take some of the Cool Aid that I'll be more than happy to offer to them!