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Cult classic RED DAWN remake in pre-production, filming starts in September

RED DAWN, the first ever PG-13 rated movie, which was controversial when it openned, but retained a loyal fan base, being remade by MGM.   Filming in Detroit (perhaps because it already resembles a DMZ) and southern Michigan, the actors are not only different, but the plot has been changed as well. The Cold War is over, after all, and the Cubans can't even make it to Miami.   To learn more, click on these links:

It also seems Tom Cruise's son Connor will be starring?!?!
Along with the new Tiberius Kirk as Jed Eckard.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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I am not a fan of remakes.  Either a film was good in which case how can one hope to do better?  Or a film was bad, in which case why try to improve a bad product?  The market already spoke.  

I definitely see nowhere to go but down with this remake.