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Jim Rogers on Zombie Capitalism

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Legendary global investor and chairman of Singapore-based Rogers Holdings, Jim Rogers said the Fed and the US Treasury should have let 10 banks fail, not just Lehman Brothers, for the financial system to clean itself up.

Speaking to CNBC Wordwide Exchange today Rogers said "All the government officials and bureaucrats loved the fact Lehman failed, because they could all jump in and support banks."

"This whole problem was not caused by Lehman Brothers or Lehman Brothers failure. Lehman was an effect not a cause."

"The real problem over the past 10–15 years has been that regulators have not let people fail. Had they let people fail we would have solved this problem a long time ago. I don't know why they're not in jail," Rogers said.

Reiterating his view about US monetary policy and their effect on the Dollar, Rogers warned. "I would expect there to be a currency crisis or a semi-crisis this fall or next year. It's crony capitalism, Bernanke and Greenspan have brought crony capitalism to America … but that's not going to solve the world's problems."


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He has also warned of coming food shortages and riots. Interestingly if you notice the part about taking the money away from qualified people and giving it to unqualified hmmm I believe that is part of the FASCIST New World Order obama has planned! He make reek to some as a Socialist but the real smell permeating from BO is of a Fascist.

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