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HOT: Dollar Intervention!!!

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 These declines are really hard to stop, near impossible. Is this the the start of the tsunami wall of dollars that could hit markets?

Remember a panic out of the dollar is unlike any other currency panic we have seen. As the defacto international reserve currency (though obviously slipping from that status), every country, every international corporation is holding them--all possible points of panic.

A full fledged world panic out of the dollar will mean huge U.S. inflation, soaring gold and the financial system rocked to the core.

How will the U. S. be able to finance its debt under these conditions. This could be the big one.

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Comment by William1950
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 It needs to be remembered that the US currency is not backed by anything real.  It is backed by the good faith and strength of the US government, both of which are not in good shape at this time.  Next to review are the countries of the world that would like, will work for the destruction by any means of the power and ability of the US to produce. (the last world war was won by manpower but also/equal/more-so the ability to mine, process, grow and produce what a six million man military needed plus what the people wanted!) 

This means that China and the friends in Europe who are pro their country first, will use any way they can to destroy the American economy....but they can't unless our government allows them the power to do so.

The first step in stopping this war, and it is a war is to fund here at home new businesses that have been allowed to move to the enemies countries.  From shoes to tools, America first, if it is made anywhere else a tax to equal American made.  The second is to increase oil from Canada and Mexico until we import none from the Arab lands. (we import more oil from Canada then anywhere else in the world, most of the Alaskan oil goes to Japan!) Third auto industry has to produce three cars with in two years that travel 50 miles per gallon and do not look like a comic book car!  Forth we start the war into space.  America declares that using American technology, materials and people ,we will build a real space/way station, a colony on the moon and have ships going to the outer planets in five years. (this will force Europe and China to expend massive surplus cash amounts to keep up with us, harming their ability to expand military and economy while opening ours to millions of new jobs.)  Finally we will tie our cash to five real indexes, fuel, medical,taxes,homes and insurance.  as these rise so do wages.

With those steps and a complete removal of the idea that it is up to America to save the world and its people from themselves, we will stabilize the American money system, build jobs, and throw China and Europe into a political fight that we do not have do anything about.