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Rebutting (Again!) 9/11 Conspiracists

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Skeptic Magazine founder Michael Shermer rebutts multiple claims made by 9/11 conspiracists who challenged him to answer numerous assertions about the September 11th, 2001 WTC attack.

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Comment by tcatt57
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I ran across this article that makes false claims in several areas both in fact and concerning events It goes on rantinting about truthers and making the suggestion whoever he is asking has their facts correct or are credible and never makes the case of his credibility. He disregards FBI whistle blowers who continue to come out supporting False Flag Operations, or the claim Cheney & Rumsfield ,( the article spells Chaney name wrong), could never murder 3000 Americans. They obviously forgot the million Iraqi, or Chile, Guatemala, Argentina, Nicauragua, Iran, endless list of countries and thousands upon thousands of murders any time people tried to take control of their own destiny. Killing 3000 Americans while looting the entire country is a no-brainer for these heartless hollow figures. This article lacks specifics throughout the Q& A, making up his own answers. The last question #9 and his response:
Question: Anyone who denies that explosives were used is ignoring evidence.

Protec: Most of our comments apply to the differences between what people actually saw on 9/11 and what they should have seen had explosives been present. The hundreds of men and women who worked to remove debris from ground zero were some of the countries most experienced and respected demolition veterans. They of all people processed the experience and expertise to recognize evidence of controlled demolition if it existed. None of these people has come forward with suspicions that explosives were used.

This answer is completely false numerous Fire, and other Hazmat people on site came forward along with the manager of the Giuliani watch center was in the third building as it was blowing up and testified countless times This story ignores a mountain of circumstantial evidence that points directly to specific persons benefiting in the multimillion dollar category, while FBI informers point to an Israeli false flag.
It was not thermite found it was nano-thermite a weapons and military grade

Keep trying to force the ridicules story main stream media and the persons responsible hang onto for dear life.
water board Giuliani or Rumsfield we will know who did it and where the mo ney went!!


Comment by Freed Radical
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I generally like Skeptic, but Shermer is clearly an Isreali tool. He should be skeptical of the official "conspiracy theory" instead of the real skeptics ("truthers") who point out the blatant absurdities in the official conspiracy theory. And he quotes the incredibly lame, already discredited Popular Mechanics piece?! What a dolt!


Comment by kingpin823
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Well Brock, it looks like those secretive ninjas that brought down the towers really were fake after all. It must have been samurais. They have the swords necessary to cut through all 47 steel frames with 1 swipe.

Comment by Brock
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Ah, yes, rhetorical questions.  That answers everything!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Comment by Brock
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Oh, noodle, here they go.