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Today begins the end of Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona

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"...That's rich! So Lipstick Joe and the Boyz totally thought they had destroyed all the evidence against them only to find out a 3rd party vendor had been backing all their city correspondence due to corruption in another matter. So much corrupti

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Comment by mjb73055
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Carrie,  I'd rather have a bottle in front of me then a frontal lobotomy.


Take Care 

Comment by Carrie Taranova
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 All this extreme negativity on Sheriff Joe on here.  Any county would be appreciative to have such a tough Sheriff.  NO one is perfect, but as keeping the county safe and keep out illegals (that appareantly everyone here WANTS to come in with all their drugs, living off taxpayers, filling our prisons that we have to support them, feed them. clothed them, give free medical to,  etc) Sheriff Joe is one of the best.  He use to be called the 'nation's Sheriff' he was so good at his job. It's the Feds you really need to be concerned about !  AS for racism, you can't get more racism then what is in the White House now !  There is a literal hate agenda going against whites now like never before.  You have a pResident in office who openly says he hates whites and would like to see them wiped out of America; and he hates America too !  You cannot get more racist then that !

Be thankful you have such a man as Sheriff Joe.

Anything that is not right in his office can be cleaned up and get things back on track. But you WANT  a man like him on a border state, believe me !

All the Amreicans there would be most likely dead or kidnapped by now if it were not for him !  Be thankful for what you do have .

you'd be surprised how fast things can turn around to be very bad there if you did not have a man like him in office of Sheriff.

The Sheriff is the utmost power and authority in his county. NO Fed has any right to BE there at all - much less try to dictate to the county Sheriff !  - Constitutionally no Fedreal agent or agency has any juristiction or authoruty outside of the DC borders !

IF Sheriff Joe wanted to he could arrest ANY  Fed that dares cross his county lines !  And indeed that is exactly what EVERY Sheriff needs to do !  Feds are trespassing anytime they are outside of their 10-mile DC area !

THAT is CONSTITUTIONAL Common Law of the land !

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