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Checkpoints in America - Are you a US Citizen???

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Why are we asked if we are US Citizens at border checkpoints? What if we simply state that we were born in Arizona/Colorado/Florida etc?... this is what happens :)   

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Comment by Tamara Carroll
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In addition to saying what state we were born in, those of us who are Christians can say "My citizenship is in heaven." 

Comment by Ed Price
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If you want to be honest about it when they ask you if you are a United States citizen, that is not enough information. When you get into the laws and law books, you will find that there are at least several definitions for "United States" and for the word "citizen."

Here is the tricky part of all this. Since it is not clarified formally, and you say that you are a United States citizen according to your meaning, they are going to understand it according to their meaning. The whole procedure may have nothing to do with your citizenship or that of anybody else. It might only be there so that they can say that a certain percent of the travelers claimed to be citizens of whatever United States they are talking about. This gives them future authority in areas that they might not have had otherwise.

In other words, it may only be a poll at its base. But a poll that they can use as they wish later, to gain authority that they do not have now.

Comment by Eldon Warman
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It is time to learn that the 14th Amendment gave the corporate UNITED STATES the right to own plantation slaves. Such a corporate right has to be documented within the Articles of Incorporation. A 'citizen' is the Roman name for a slave owned by the corporate State.

The 13th Amendment allowed the corporate UNITED STATES to impose the slave status upon 'convicted criminals', however, since all incorporated bodies, bodies corporate or bodies politic, are 'make-believe ships at sea, the jurisdiction within the corporate structure is 'Maritime Law' (incorrectly called Admiralty Law, which is Maritime Law applied to the corporate Military).

Thus, when a 'citizen', already an admitted slave by such admission as "I am a citizen." can be further reduced to "disobedient slave convicted of a crime" by mere corporate officer accusation. Thus, the granted or bestowed by the State privileges, such as due process of law, Constitutional provision of enumerated rights, etc., can be withdrawn from the citizen/slave.

So, what crime/disobedience have most of the American people committed to be 'guilty of a crime?'. It is their use and attachment to the State owned legal name, where the family name has been converted into a 'surname' - a primary name. Thus, the adult American man becomes an attachment to and identified as the legal name. This combined entity is called a 'person', and you will find that every statute existing from all.

An adult human has no name, as such is a mind existing within a human body, a commander mind of the human vessel, in maritime law terms. A mind is a function and not a thing to be named. We can only have terms that shows desire for our attention, an appellation. And, under Maritime Law, a captain/commander of a vessel is supreme, and any outside interference is an act of piracy by the interfering party. Thus, we have to be tricked and defrauded into voluntarily allow our human bodies to be commanded and controlled by an outside party.

Comment by Scott Bieser
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When I used to cross from Texas to Mexico on occasion, back in the '70s and '80s, the question they asked was, "where were you born?" or "what is your place of birth?" They'd accept either any U.S. state or "United States."

Comment by Michael Ochoa
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 From Citizenship
Immigration and Naturalization Services
"The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizenship at
birth to almost all individuals born in the United States or in U.S.
jurisdictions, according to the principle of jus soli" (jus soli is
bright of birthplace)-You are automatically a US Citizen once born in this Country!!!

Comment by Terry Bressi
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Technically, you can 'safely' say nothing at all. No one has any legal obligation to answer investigatory questions posed by Homeland Security agents at internal suspicionless checkpoints.  Answering their citizenship question in any form just encourages them to 'ask' more...

Comment by Anonymous
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Checkpoints in America - Are you a US Citizen???

It is not enough to simply state that you were born in a particular state.  Under the law you may have been born in Arizona and yet not be a U.S. citizen - - that is IF -- you were born with dipolmatic immunity - say the child of a foreign ambassador or consular, etc..

You can safely answer the question by stating, "I am a U.S. citizen" - or - "I am an American citzen." - THEY have to prove otherwise.