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Dems’ immigration proposal creates national ID card, ‘fingerprints every worker’

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Civil liberties groups and even some die-hard supporters of the Democratic Party are raising the alarm over the Democrats' proposed immigration overhaul, which would see the creation of a national biometric ID card.
[See also The Hill's article on this.]

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Leslie:  You can get my email from Ernie, or Thomas. 

Comment by Leslie Fish (28360)
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Is there anyone out there who can speak Legalese?  I need help drafting a petition to take out the take out the sections of SB1070 that state "nothing shall prevent any police officer..." from sending citizen information to, or getting it from, the Department of Homeland Stupidity.  Any volunteers?



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What's the surprise?  You can't advance Socialism without firm control of the people, and the Dems (hard socialists) are in power.