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Confederate Fascists: S. Carolina School Enlists All Students in ROTC

The entire freshman class at Carvers Bay High School has been automatically enrolled in the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, a military-sponsored program that trains high school students in military discipline and concepts. Principal Richard Neal, a Navy veteran, said the school's Marine Corps JROTC class is fulfilling the student's physical education requirement and is part of the school's Ninth Grade Academy. But Charles Holloway, the parent of a freshman student at Carvers Bay, said he did not want his son in that program and when he asked that his son be taken out, his son was put in a class by himself.Holloway said he feels his son was being punished for not wanting to take part in that class. Holloway said the JROTC class simply showed up on his son's schedule in place of gym class and he did not receive any information about the class or how to get his son out of it. "What happened to our freedom of choice?" Holloway said. "I wanted nothing to do with anything related to the military." According to the South Carolina Department of Education, high school students must take at least one credit of physical education in order to graduate. ROTC can also fill that requirement. Neal said he initiated the program because studies show that students in leadership programs are more likely to stay in school and graduate. He said so far the program has had an "extremely high positive response," but "any parent who did not want their son or daughter [to participate] has the opportunity to participate in other elective classes."

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 Your use of the term "fascists" in the headline is totally inappropriate and an insult to our nation and military.  As a retired military officer, I am VERY proud of my three years of high school ROTC.  Today, it should be made mandatory for ALL students!  Junior ROTC teaches patriotism, self-respect, respect for others, discipline, loyalty, public speaking, physical training, teamwork, the ability to work for others and follow orders, character, honor, and many other favorable and desirable traits.  Most of this is lacking in American youth today.  The decision to require the subject was very wise!

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