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S.510: Your government welcomes you to the new “nationalized agriculture” system!

• The PPJ Gazette
Welcome to nationalized, government owned and operated farming and ranching! This is the new government run farming and ranching. Everything will have to be done to meet criteria yet to be determined. The new dictatorial agency headed by the “secretary”, will now be able to designate high risk foods,(based solely on a reasonable belief, even if unfounded) and the subsequent products of these yet to be written (or admitted) criteria, as grounds to require registration of your farm or ranch as a facility. Exemptions are permitted but we intend to make it impossible to achieve exemptions under existing growing conditions; you must comply with our business plan to continue in agriculture of any kind.

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Comment by Lola Flores
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Oh, you poor souls are so confused and misguided.  What you see as "nationalized agriculture system" is what the rest of us who don't hate Obama because he is black (but because he is Bush III, another corporate shill) see is that destructive, predatorial mega corporations such as Monsanto are paying off the government to do things like this and eliminate the competition so that they can reign supreme on the market.  But y'all keep seeing what you want to, continue aiding and abetting the pillage and theft of whatever is left and accelerate your own enslavement to them.  Go ahead, cut your own nose to spite your face.