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It's All Really Very Simple, If ... You Can Become a Conspiracy Investigator

Let us begin by asking ourselves, "Who owns the corporate-mainstream media?"
And of course, the answer is large, very large, corporations own the corporate media.
But, who owns the controlling stock of these large corporations, and controls their "news" and aired content?
The answer is the foreign, privately owned International Monetary/Banking Cartel, that controls the money and credit of the world. Make sense?
Our knee-jerk, tunnel-visioned, democratic and republican voters must develop some peripheral political vision, or they will be taught some lessons of life that could more easily be learned by viewing outside the propagandized fields of corporate-media focus.
Now, if one will study the long and infamous track record of this private Monetary Cartel, and correlate its activities with the corresponding "news" of the day, one will soon see the reciprocal relationship between that news and the subsequent national and international events.
You see, the corporate media does not so much report on news events, as it prepares the stage to justify the various covert actions then taken by the Cartel.
So now, let us learn a bit more about this monolith called the International Monetary/Banking Cartel, and how they came to control their corporate media and their fascistic/socialist police states down through much of recorded history.

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This article reads all right, until you come to this passage: "Please pray for the lives of Congressmen Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, who are both currently fighting the Banking Cartel, and fighting for all of us, and the real American way of life."

At first you think as you read the lines that you are given the truth serum on how evil the International Monetry/Bank Cartel works against the interest of the American people. Then your mind is violently jerked into orbiting towards these political propaganda lines of two odd-sounding candidates who are running for president. Considering the weird platform they are running on, you are rudely awaken into realization that you might as well join the fight of the Central Bank or the Federal Reserves, against them.

These unusual POLITICALLY CORRECT CANDIDATES for president would give an arm away if you join them in their dream plan to recreate America – the biggest economy, the richest and the most powerful nation on the planet -- WITHOUT TAXATION and CENTRAL BANK or FEDERAL RESERVES. They are also campaigning for their upside down view of political reality that 911 was the fault of the American people – never that of Al Qaeda terrorists. If you are wasting your time even entertaining an iota of any idea that they could win the presidential election and become president of this country, then start considering yourself as your own No.1 Enemy in cloud 9. I am not stating any oblique statement here – just stating the truth of what’s real, and as a citizen’s duty, expose what is delusional.