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Close Of Campaign Party With Your Local Libertarians! (Phoenix, Arizona)

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Today at 7:00pm - Tomorrow at 2:00am
Salty Señorita
1860 S. Stapley Dr
Mesa, AZ
Food, drinks, and a great time hosted by Andrea Garcia, Barry Hess, David Nolan, and Nick Coons! We've got a patio reserved with a huge TV to also watch the national races and see who won and where government will overreach into our lives for the next two years...and of course discuss how we'll fight statism and spread the Freedom message.

Have a drink (or a few). Your food's on us!
(Publisher: I hope that we are all able to donate a little to the party and to the candidates that have done such a great job marketing libertarianism to the people of Arizona. See you there)

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Comment by Ducatijeanne
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Wow!  What a scene it was tonight.  A large contingent of "the best in the West" .  As a social type, I was in my element hanging with so many true activists making plans once again for the next big events. Everyone take heed, street action 59th Ave and 101 @ 6;30 am on Friday: RON PAUL! The 5th of November.

Comment by Psychictaxi
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Is this an event where the ACTUAL, REAL Barry Hess will PHYSICALLY ATTEND!?!

It sure would be nice for a change...