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Outrageous Bombshell!!! Obama To Award G.H.W. Bush Medal of Freedom

• DailyPaul

President Obama dropped a bipartisan bombshell today, announcing he will award the Presidential Medal of Freedom next year to ex-President George H.W. Bush...

The ex President admits on TV and in his book to torture and is going to get A Presidential Medal of Freedom? Am I in a coma and just dreaming here?

What a joke this is IMO...George Bush, his father and his brothers are all a bunch of criminals. When are these SOBs going to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity? When?


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Comment by Brock Lorber
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Point taken, Gene Swank, and I hope that's how history remembers both of them.

Georges Bush.  Small-time criminals.

Comment by Gene Swank
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Hope you lefties all understand that God is watching and listening to you. The Bible states that there is no place in heaven for liars. The Bush family have always put the USA first in their lives. Obama is a much bigger Criminal then the Bushs ever were.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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"He's like the non-Muslim Dad I never had."