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Don't touch my junk? Grow up, America.

• Washington Post
The uproar over the new procedures is overblown and immature. The marginal invasion of privacy is small relative to the potential benefit of averting a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, some of the loudest howls of outrage emanate from those who would be quickest to blame the Obama administration for not doing enough to protect us if a bomber did slip through. 

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I like this author. Touching private parts is worth nothing compared to terrororists that could go through security check and blow us up to kingdom come because they aren't touched enough. I fully agree. The author also does not object if her breast is exposed and touched, gently massaged and fondled during a cancer-detection mamogram examination. I wonder if she will not also object if a Catheter is inserted into her private part to draw out urine and examined right there in public view if this disposable body fluid is not a cleverly hidden liquid bomb?

Also the sweat of passengers rushing through the check-in security portals must be subjected to the same scrutiny. Have read reports that modernized terrorists have developed some mind-boggling technologies to carry out their satanic designs. TSA should not take anything for granted ... there, satisfied?