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Time For Christians To Shred Their Bibles

Many of us grew up in Sunday School and church. We have heard the great Bible stories over and over. We heard about the story of how Moses’ mother defied Pharaoh and hid her little baby boy in bulrushes. We heard the story of how Moses killed the Egyptian taskmaster defending a Hebrew slave and later became the great deliverer of God’s people. We heard the story of young David going out alone against the Philistines’ greatest warrior, Goliath. We heard the story of how Saul’s servants refused to carry out the king’s order to murder the priest Ahimelech. We know well the story of Daniel who defied his government’s order to refrain from praying. The names Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are very familiar to us. We heard our teachers and preachers extol their courage in defying the government’s order to bow to the image of their emperor. We remember that John the Baptist went to prison (and was eventually beheaded), not for preaching the Gospel, but for criticizing the king for his immoral behavior. We certainly recall the story of Simon Peter who bluntly told his civil magistrates, “We ought to obey God rather than men.” We know that the Apostle Paul wrote many of his epistles from inside government prisons. We certainly recall that before John penned the Revelation, he had been banished to an island-prison by his civil authorities.

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You don’t shred the Bible because Christians do not join your personal revolution against your own personally perceived enemy – the Government. This kind of mind works like that of a juvenile delinquent … a child in tantrum that would tear everything it touches because it does not get what it wants.

In lambasting Christians in general, the process of thinking proceeds from a very faulty premise that the Government is the enemy of God. Where in hell did this kind of biblical information the author is getting from drops my jaw to the floor.

Baldwin’s war [this author’s war] against the Government is personally conducted in extremis. He could never earn the respect and support of Christians even assuming that the Government is blameworthy of wrongdoing. He had actually personalized our discomfort with the way the Government is run, and wrongfully published it as the war of the people against their own government.

In short, this writer turns our general government protest into his own private war and angrily proclaims that the harbinger for the fall of Government is coming only from a political fight with libertarian fervor and religious conviction. The problem is, his personal war against the Government is neither mine nor that of the rest of Christians. So why should he call us Christians good for nothing or specifically libel us as "shills and toadies for a government" just because we are not as crazy as he is in the way we conduct our crusade against bad government? That’s most unkind and irresponsible if not utterly stupid for him to say.

The author also cited many biblical Christian rebels against their government in the olden times. But those religious dissenters were not in revolt for the same reason that Baldwin have. They were against the government not because anyone of them wanted to run as a possible running mate to Ron Paul if the latter decides to run for president in 2012.

And unlike Baldwin, those biblical revolutionaries neither attacked the Government, badmouthed the whole Christendom for any political ambition, nor disparaged or ran down the Government for donation [see this twist at the end of the article]. You cannot be angry in the name of the American people and collect money from them. This behavioral wringer is purely Malum in se. People would think of it with a lemon face, especially when they know that the writer has a religious background.


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