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Unintended Consequences

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Comment by laurent jubinville
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Cash for clunkers. This is a classic of "follow the money". Give 3 billion to the blind zombie consumers who see this as a gift while it is actually strapping another big lead ball on the other ankle as it is another payment added to the already bankrupt dummy. Then the money goes to all the car dealerships who are insolvent looking at yards filled with dusty inventory. This now directs these billions to the Big Three autocrooks who in turn can meet their obligations to the manipulators on Wall Street. Bravo Main Street, now get back to what you were doing.

Comment by Daniel Penisten
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 Don't allow inflation. Pay today's or yesterday's price. Know what these are. Do not tolerate the "scalpers". Stop the Greed! Arrest anyone who is responsible for increasing the prices.

This is an aspect of Monopoly new world order Capitalism that has to be stopped!

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