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Fusion Centers and Homeland Security: Watching Our Freedom Die

There’s no doubt that the Washington Post’s eight page “Monitoring America” story is correct when it states that Homeland Security is building a gargantuan database of every website you visit, every email you send and every phone conversation you have in order to genuinely hunt down terrorists. The problem is, according to numerous law enforcement advisories, training manuals, seminars and other literature, the federal government defines political activism, flying American flags, wearing Levi jeans, being nice, looking “normal” and going scuba diving all as signs of domestic terror. By encouraging Americans to “report suspicious activity” that includes such behavior, the feds are knowingly on a mission to chill political dissent, by making people afraid to exercise their constitutional rights in the fear that their neighbors will turn them in to the authorities unless they rigidly control their behavior and don’t risk even patently benign activities being misconstrued. The following is a list of behaviors, actions or interests that the federal government, via centralized threat fusion centers that collate such information, considers to be potential signs of terrorism under the MIAC Report. - Displaying bumper stickers and other paraphernalia associated with the Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian parties - Supporting Congressman Ron Paul - Supporting former presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin - Supporting former Congressman Bob Barr - Opposing the implementation of a North American Union - Owning gold bullion - Displaying historical U.S. flags - Opposing abortion - Talking about the documentary Zeitgeist

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Comment by tittiger
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I am reminded after watching the talking head as to why I have not owned a TV in 28 years.  

I was very tempted to put some lead into the lieing  POS  media whore whose lips were moving and nothing but verbal diarrea was coming out.