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Court upholds block on parts of Arizona immigration law

• Washington Post
A federal appeals court ruled Monday that the most contested provisions of an Arizona immigration law passed last year will remain blocked from taking effect, handing the Obama administration a victory in its efforts to overturn the legislation.

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 But of course! What else would the 9th CC do but throw to the trashcan those inhuman provisions of the Republican Arizona law, let alone the state's hijack of the constitutionally declared federal preemption over state right on matters of immigration.  Only the Federal Government through Congress can declare war on any contry where those willful or intentional invasions of immigrants are coming from, which this case is acctually what is all about -- an undeclared border war with Mexico. In this judicially disabled Arizon law, the Republican intention to declare undocumented immigrants criminals to give an example to other states how to shoot them dead, is just plain angry Ramboism.  Warlike Republican hawks never learned their lesson from their ignominuous defeat to Obama when in control of Congress they attempted to criminalize immigrants with questionable status that created a backlash nationwide and lost the presidential election.

Resorting now to this Republican squid tactic in blaming the defeat of the Arizona law on the composition of the deciding court as one infested with a majority of Democrats, embarrasses me as a Republican, to no end.  In this issue, I could no longer afford to be timid in saying that I am more of a lawyer that is fully aware of the doctrine of Federal-State Preemption jurisprudence as clear as the sun rising from the East and going down in the West, than a Republican centurion in rage whose immigration politics is as blind as the proverbial bat.