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Mysterious Structure Discovered on Mars

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According to this video, David Martines was looking around Google Mars when he happened to find a large building-like structure in the northern hemisphere of the planet. He calls it "Bio-Station Alpha," which of course is not its real name, but he assumes someone or something is living in it. Martines estimates that the white structure is over 700 feet long and 150 feet wide ....
The video has been "removed by the author" after over 800,000 views!!!!  The latest official speculation is that it is a cosmic ray imperfection in the resulting image.  You can go to the coordinates on Google Mars and see it for yourself.  I am amazed there are people who scan for this stuff.
Here is another story from Yahoo! News Lookout!

And another with the first spoof links, that may have had the original author pull his work....too bad because the spoof is hilarious.

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The original video is still available at the link below.   Kudos to fooknuckle for the tip: