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Smart Meter Slavery

The Smart Grid is being used to promote green energy/clean energy/renewable energy. Because global warming (climate change) has been so thoroughly discredited, global warming policies and regulations are now being forced on us under the banner of green, clean and renewable energy. Global warming is a tool of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, the overarching blueprint for depopulation and total control.

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Comment by David Jackson
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  Will it never quit?

   The earth is probably getting warmer...And...?

    Climate change is the norm, not the exceptional anomaly that is being literally "sold" to any of us stupid enought to listen. It makes a good diversion, alright. It's also the biggest load of bat guano to come our way since Christopher Columbus was beatified.

    There is nothing wrong with living one's life being mindful of waste and making a reasoned attempt to utilize all resources to their optimum, taking care not to do any more damage than is absolutely necessary. Doing all this under the watchful eye and dictatorial edict of a gang of con men and theives, all of whom stand to make massive amounts of money fleecing the population of the world, isn't a wise plan of ation. the United States has absolutely nothing to gain by buying into mythology of converting its so-called economy and attendent industrial and commercial fortunes to an all-out "greening". If the U.S. falls for this, we will never recover! 


Comment by Matt Sch
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sorry but I've stated this before here, smart meters actually do help even though upgrading out 95 year old electric grid would be of massive importance and be more effective. As for climate change, its natural, its happening, humans do speed it up but its inevitable.