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Police Convictions in Katrina Shootings, Cover-Up

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Five current or former police officers were convicted Friday of federal civil rights charges related to deadly shootings on a New Orleans bridge after Hurricane Katrina

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Comment by David Jackson
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    I've been a "firearms expert" and a small arms training specialist for 30 years and I guarantee everyone that there wasn't an "expert" anywhere near the people who were abused and MURDERED by the police in the aftermath of Katrina! Ask any unarmed, dead victim.

   There are so few cops who could find their butts with both hands, when it comes to the proper use of any firearm as to make even the mention of armed police a cause for everyone to cringe and seek cover. (Though corruption is not an indicator of incompetent firearms use and systemic bullying and other BS, the "well-earned" reputation of the New Orlean's PD as one of the worst in the history of the U.S., should give every citizen or visitor in that jurisdiction enough reason to get out or not go.)

   There is no excuse - nohow - to shoot an unarmed person, even if you are an entitled Gestapo agent of the local "legal establishment". The mere presence of a firearm isn't sufficient reason to murder someone. Shooting unarmed people in the back speaks for itself. Who are these social misfits? They are the politically sanctioned minions of the ever-growing cadre of the police state that exists in just about every community in the country. If you haven't been beaten or abused by them, rest assured that they will eventually get to you. (You can thank the federal government for most of this crap...I'd explain why, but you wouldn't care and I don't have an hour to waste.)

   Take this cover-up as a sign of the times -current and coming!

Comment by James17
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"four of the defendants are nevertheless faced with potential life sentences. Mr. Kaufman faces up to 120 years. Sentencing is set for Dec. 14. Sorry Mr. Gammill. I didn't notice your link until after I asked my question.

Comment by James17
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If they were convicted, what sentences did they receive?

Comment by stupidamerkin
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 Convicted for bad decision making?

Comment by tittiger
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Five down and tens of thousands to go.....

Comment by Powell Gammill
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